The administration officially launched a pilot project to import non-special cosmetics in Shanghai’s pudong new area

On March 1, the administration officially launched the “registration management system for imported non-special purpose cosmetics”.

According to the new record management regulations, from March 1, 2017 to December 21, 2018, the first import of non-special cosmetics from the port of pudong new area in Shanghai and the registered place of domestic responsible person in pudong new area in Shanghai will be changed from the current approval management to the record management. The responsible person in China can carry out relevant business activities after submitting relevant materials to the archival management in accordance with the requirements of the archival management. After the product is put on record, the regulatory authority discovers illegal activities and punishes them according to law. The pilot program is an institutional innovation in product management mode without lowering the requirements of product safety supervision, and the regulatory focus is adjusted from approval of market access to strengthening on-going and ex-post supervision.

Post time: Aug-23-2018
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