Classification of cosmetics for special purposes

Hair, dyeing, perm, hair removal, beauty cream, body building, deodorant, freckle, sunscreen cosmetics

1. Hair products are cosmetics that help hair grow, reduce hair loss and hair loss.

2. Hair dye refers to cosmetics that have the effect of changing hair color.

3. Perm cosmetics are those that have the ability to change the curvature of the hair and maintain a relatively stable condition.

4. Depilatory cosmetic is to point to have the cosmetic that reduces, eliminate body hair action.

5. Beauty cream cosmetics refer to those that help with breast fitness.

6. Bodybuilding cosmetics are those that help keep you in shape.

7. Deodorant cosmetics are cosmetics that help to eliminate armpit odor.

8. Freckle cosmetics are those used to relieve pigmentation on the skin.

9. Prevent bask in cosmetic is to point to have the cosmetic that absorbs ultraviolet ray action, reduce the function that causes skin damage because of insolation.

Post time: Aug-23-2018
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